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Alexander is a 2-year-old pit bull mix. 

He was rescued by the Humane Society of Greater Dayton after a person discovered him locked in a basement of an abandoned home. He was down there for weeks with no food or water. He was eating the foam from a mattress to survive. When he was found he was just hours from death. Alexander was rushed to an emergency clinic where he stayed for days. No one thought he would survive through the weekend, but he did. Still, even after intensive care he was so weak it took him days to even get enough strength to lift his head. 

With the constant care, food, shelter and love of our staff, Alexander grew stronger each day. We watched as he stood for the first time. We cheered as he walked down our hallways. We all smiled as hope came back into his eyes. Now, Alexander has fully recovered. He is healthy and happy. However, as he grew stronger we saw more of his personality come through. He doesn't do well with other animals and we sent him to a training facility to work with him on these issues. He now knows basic obedience commands and is looking for a forever home, but still struggles with other animals. 

Alexander needs a firm handler with lots of patience and love for him. He shouldn't be in a home with other animals and needs a home that understands all of his needs and special circumstances.

To see a video of Alex's journey, click here


Bobbie McGee, 3 to 5 year old cat

For the past few years, Bobbie McGee has been living in a community of cats near the Humane Scoiety of Greater Dayton's shelter. Although at first he avoided contact with our staff and volunteers, with time he began to socialize more with us. Now, he has discovered how great people can be and eventually has gotten to a point where he waits at the shelter's back door to socialize with our staff. He keeps our staff company during breaks out by our picnic tables and thoroughly enjoys the attention, nudges and head rubs. Because he has made such a vast improvement in socialization, our staff thinks he would be a great candidate for our adoption program. Unfortunately, after deciding this, he tested positive for both FIV and FeLV. Bobbie McGee needs your help! He is such an adorable and sweet cat who is to a point now where he is friends immediately with everyone he meets. Bobbie McGee doesn’t make new cat friends very easily. He has not been with other cats while inside the shelter, but he was definitely the dominant cat in his cat community. Bobbie McGee would likely do best in a home as the only cat or with a family who has patience and experience introducing a new cat with a lot of confidence and a strong personality!

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