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Safe Haven Program

The Safe Haven program was created in collaboration with Artemis Center, to provide temporary shelter for pets in domestic-violence situations. At a moment’s notice, the Humane Society of Greater Dayton will board animals in a safe and secure location – usually for a period of 30 days – for families fleeing violent conditions. The Safe Haven program protects pets from abusers and provides peace of mind for families seeking their own shelter and safety. 

Safe_HavenAccording to the ASPCA, abusers batter animals to:

  • Demonstrate power and control over
    the family
  • Isolate the victim and children
  • Enforce submission
  • Perpetuate an environment of fear
  • Prevent the victim from leaving or coerce him/her to return
  • Punish the victim for leaving or showing independence 

For more information on the Safe Haven program, contact Sheila Marquis, humane officer, at smarquis@hsdayton.org. You may also reach
her by phone, at 937/262-8091.

Additional Resources on Pet & Domestic Abuse 

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